Falling Stairs – Expedition to Undermountain

Expedition To Undermountain – Session 9
The falling stairs

Kaelnir the Gray (Erlend) is tasked by the guild to either finish mapping the dungeon level and find some missing guildmembers, or to explore the next level of the dungeon. As his escort on this mission he gets a budding warrior Emil Kûhl (Anders)  and the halfling rogue Garret Tealeaf (Sander), both fresh additions to the ranks of the Magisters. His new responsibility also comes with a reward, Kaelnir is now rank 2 in the guild and can requisition equipment with a total value of 5000 gold. He is allowed to wear a single white stripe on his dark blue cape (if he should wear it).

The Yawning Portal

Kaelnir leads the group down into Undermountain using the entrance in The Yawning Portal. And follows the left path on the first fork, where they have previously explored the right fork.

Their first encounter is a mimic pretending to be half of a corpse, protecting its treasure, a great painting of waterdeep. A bit unsure on what to do next they finally push forward and find a crudely made construction bridging a large rift inside the mountain. Knowing something is bound to happen the rogue gingerly enters the bridge, balancing to stay on his feet. And then, suddenly a black globe envelops the entire midsection of the bridge. Unable to see Garret grabs the ropes and hold on for his life. Meanwhile the fighter and the wizard are scratching their beards wondering what to do. But as always, when in doubt, launch a gigant fireball. The fireball drops two darkmantles and a halfling rogue.  Saving the halfling rogue from the burning river and then crossing the already shady bridge went well after that. Strange.

Entering a dark oily water, killing some skeletons, nearly getting burned alive … again by some flaming skulls. Killing some more undead skeleton hands(!) they walk right into the tomb that they were not supposed to walk into. The leader of the flaming skulls, a green flaming skull escapes and the adventurers find some treasure left behind.

Exploring the last parts of the level they are almost crushed by an enormous cave in, while they are off somewhere else the rocks start to move, and reassemble into a smooth stairwell leading up. Under the rubble the other party of adventurers are found, crushed and broken. Being adventurers they of course venture up the stairs, meating some living flames and Jhesiyra Kestrelharp.

Horned Ring

A magical web blocks the entrance untill Kaelnir remembers this from a dream he previously had. He touches the web and finds a ring inside. This is the legendary Horned ring of Jhesiyra! Functioning as a brooch of protection and a once per day teleport spell for the group, as long as it is inside undermountain. The party exits through the falling stairs, via the Hall of the Bloody Hand, and into the castle ward. Safe at last.

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