Expedition to Undermountain – Storeroom Level

Session 10
Entering the portal they found a few days ago, the adventurers find themselves in the Hall of the Black Helm. Looking like an old throne room long since looted and desecrated, the center of this room contains a large glowing sphere surrounded by five heavily armored and armed metal warriors. Each player is tempted by a vision of an item that they crave from inside the sphere, but markings on the walls advice against trying to reach for the items. Explicitly stating “DON’T TOUCH THE SPHERE OR GET NEAR THE WARRIORS!”. A few bones litter the floor of this once big room, and some of the columns holding the roof up has collapsed, dividing the room roughly into two. There is only one visible exit, and chalked up markings speaking of a safe area.


Scared of walking right into a trap Kaelnir and Tealeaf decide to take a different route than the chalked up suggestions. Leading them into a room where two statues devoured their light and magically darkened the vision for everyone. Unafraid, Midas progresses deeper into the room. Without seeing further than an arms-length, eyeless faces appears in front and to his sides. Massive stone clubs descends, crushing Midas under their weight, severely damaging him. Divided the group stand little chance against the grimlocks, and a quick thinker in the party manages to topple the statue stealing the light out of the room. The battle that follows is quick and brutal. Scrambling out of the room, they come across some dwarves and drow working together! They dont care much about the adventurers, and stay mainly to their droning work, cutting deeper into Undermountain.
The next room they stumble into contains a large pedestal with a glowing crystal set upon it, and it immediately starts to target the party. Beaten they try following the arrows as suggested when they first came through the portal.

A few more turns in the dungeon leads them to three brothers that have set up shop, the human brothers almost looks like twins. They explain that they are trying to take advantage of this market segment and will help the party in finding the items they need. They also supply them with a portal key, a silver raven statue, and some advice as to the whereabouts of the tomb of Yulaan.

The Ghost of Yulaan barely had time to exit his sarcophagus before the overzealous paladin smote him back down. The rest quickly began their looting party, inflicting upon themselves yet another curse.

Spoiler: Map of Undermountain

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