Belkrams Fall – Undermountain

Expedition to Undermountain – Belkrams Fall
Session 11 – 5th of October
Participants: Werner, Erlend(Kaelnir), Ole & Dagfinn

This session was mainly a conversion of D&D Characters to the pathfinder system, with a new addition, the Dwarven Fighter

Introducing the dwarf
Searching for his noble ancestors ultimate fate, the dwarf is on a quest to find out what really happened. Unluckily he stumbles across Halaster himself in one of the halls, who decides to chain the dwarf with a spell he uses to protect the area from other intruders, or to provide live bait for monsters.


The dwarf spends almost a week chained up in the labyrinth until a party of goblins comes across him. His first two rolls are 20`s, turning the first goblin in reach to red mist and a pile of meatloaf. In quick succession he turns some other goblins inside out before they flee. Drawn to the sound of battle our trusty party seeks out the noise and manages to free the dwarf by dispelling his chains. With common interests, and a common foe, the group decides to continue together for the time being.


A bit of walking and exploring later, they come to a grand circular pit, similar to the entry well but bigger and reinforced with rune-covered steel bars. An elevator sits at the edge of the pit, and a grand door covers most of the eastern wall. The adventurers immediately set down into the pit, where they are subsequently ambushed and forced to escape again. It seems they are not quite ready for the challenge yet. They open the grand door, it opens into a large cavernous area with a river separating them from a small town on the opposite bank. We end the session as this is a great place to pick up next time. The river is the river SargauthAlphatia Underground Docks

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