Expedition to Undermountain

side for campaignet som utspiller seg i Dungeons and dragons verdenen, og i undermountain under Waterdeep.

Vi er i ferd med å konvertere fra Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 (D&D 3.5) til Pathfindersystemet. Gratis konverteringsguide finnes på sidene til paizo.com.

Thor the ranger of danger (Halfling,Ole Christian)
Midas the gorgeous (Aasimar Paladin, Geir Børge)
Kaelnir the Gray (Elf Wizard, Erlend)
— the strangler (Half-Orc Monk, Arthur)
Tyreé the unknown Bard (Human Bard, Lars Audun(5))
Forced Rogue (Halfling? Rogue(5),Frode )
T, Mister (Half-Elf Druid(5) , Jarl Erik)
Lazarus (Human Cleric(5), Tor Harald)

Waterdeep is a city-state in the Forgotten Realms. It is a port city that is located along the western coast of the Faerûn sub-continent. Known as the City of Splendors, Waterdeep is one of the largest and busiest cities—and one of the most important political powers—on the continent. The population is primarily human, although other races dwell therein. The city government consists of a cryptocracy of (mostly) anonymous individuals known as the Masked Lords of Waterdeep.

Underneath a rise in the western part of the city is an extensive complex of tunnels and chambers known as the Undermountain

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