Overminds in 2012

It has been a while since anything was posted on our homepage, over a year in fact and it was only remotely related to the Overminds clan! Well quite a few things have happened this last year. The most important one is that i got a son in june! He is already a gamer even tho he does not know it yet.

Overminds T-shirts Hoooorah!

Overminds T-shirts Hoooorah!

Another thing that happened is that we got our T-Shirts! I have only delivered them to Mental, King_Thor, Karolinka and Me. But im hoping that in about one year everybody will have gotten their shirts on!

Overminds meeting in 2013, its been too long since our last meeting and we have started planning the next one

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. So save up some money, save up some holiday time, the summer of 2013 is gonna be awesome! But this requires everybody to help with the preparations, who wants to meet, where is the best place etc etc. (And the Date!)

Yet another bit of news is that i have finally managed to set up a server that we can use for anything, i will need some help for testing, but this means that we can host our own public server in any game we want to. And we can host teamspeak or ventrilo if we need it (we definately need it!).


BF3 – A game we should play more!

We should play new games together, or atleast try to play some old ones. If anybody want to captain a new team for a new game, give a shout out! It has been too long since Lujan, Odin, King_Thor and Loke was together in teamspeak, fragging some noobs (and of course all our other members)!


Hope to see you all (in or out of game) soon !


- YellOw


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